Welcome to Lampros Tavern

Lambros Tavern is located on the beach of Tertsa. It is literally next to the waves of the Libyan Sea.
It offers free sunbeds and magnificent views of the Psarocharako but also of the deep blue sea. Beneath the cool sea air and the big trees Mr.Giorgos and Mrs.Eleteria prepare traditional dishes every day, food based on the Cretan, and the Greek cuisine. Juices and drinks frame every hour of the day offering refreshment to the visitors.
Honestly how to get up and leave the tavern is a serious matter as a little cool sea breeze, the small appetizers and dishes, the music of the waves, the moon and the stars: Tertsa environment try to prevent this to happen.
The tavern has a history of many years. Uncle George who is now in another paradise up there, operated with Lady Helen a simple cafe and cooked food for many years before. In the 1990's the tavern took its current form.
Many people around the world have experienced this place.

A visit will make you our friend and a frequent guests.

Beside the restaurant there is little market store with all necessities for your life in our area.

The Lambros Tavern is open daily.

Season Open: April 1st-October 31st
Information Tel: +30 2895061437, 6932645603